Join me for a warm, sunny long weekend in Peralta Tuscany. Views are breathtaking, the pool relaxing and a glass of rose will always be close to hand. 

And when you're not lost inside your book, you'll enjoy some amusing gossip with your fellow Revellers.  And in the cool of the evening, local restaurants, Lucca, Pietrasanta and apparativos all beckon.

To come, you pay whatever fee applies for the dates and rooms you choose, plus a Revellers' Club management fee of £110 per couple and £6o per individual. (Founders' Pass Holders receive 50% discount.)

So where is Peralta - and what's it really like?

A Reveller explains...

To join us, first, decide which house or apartment you'd like, by perusing through Peralta's website...

Prices range from £110 to £180 room / night (inc breakfast)

Rooms are all in charming, self contained private apartments or houses.

Second, get a quote for your combination of room and date from Kate Simova, by calling her on +39 393 171 7246 or by emailing her at peraltatuscany@gmail.com.

<< Then book. Rooms are allocated first come first served. >>

Finally, to join the party and secure your booking, pay the Revellers' Club separate management fee. (50% off for Founders' Pass Holders. )

If you cancel before 1st May, you get a 50% refund of the Revellers' Club management fee. Thereafter, no refunds. Please check with Peralta concerning their refund policy.)

About Peralta

Peralta is very relaxed. It’s a charming small Tuscan hillside hamlet with stunning views, built by Castruccio Castracani, ruler of Lucca from 1316 – 28, for his successful warriors, who’d conquered Florence (so some say).

By 1967 it was a ruin. But the successful sculptor Fiore de Henriquez, staying nearby, discovered it and restored it into a charming, quiet artist refuge.

Fiore died a few years ago now. But my Aunt, Dinah Voisin, a good friend of Fiore, inherited Peralta and turned it into a refuge for not just artists and writers, but fun people wanting the chance to soak up the charms, culture and culinary delights of Tuscany.

Evening hillside walks with spectacular views to the local restuarants.

After a long day of deep relaxation, we are rewarded with apartivos, followed by a stunning hillside walk as the evening sun lowers, to a fabulous local restaurant. Whilst it's not expensive, the local pastas are delicious, with gluten free and vegan options, yet with lashings of charming local wines. Don't worry, taxis are booked for the return.

Challenge your fellow Revellers to some Backgammon or Perudo...

Test your gaming skills between the rose, culture and walks.

Suggested Plan

Day 1, Thursday 11th June. Arrive in the afternoon. Dinner at Peralta.

Day 2, Friday 12th June. Relax by the pool, with its views. Those that want to can explore the hills nearby or venture further afield to Carrara, Pietrasanta or Lucca. Lunch will be provided for all those spending the day at Peralta. Just before Sundown, we walk for half an hour down the hill to Cera Una Volta in Pieve for their simple, local and fine tasting pizza and other dishes.

Day 3, Saturday 13th June. Visits to a local market to discover wonderful and unique things. (Great bargains for clothes, girls..) Or if you in the mood, there are some lovely walks around the hills surrounding Peralta - and lunch will be provided if you are back in time.  That evening we’ll walk to Torcigliano, to Restaurante Il Matterello. The walk is an adventure, but not arduous, via footpaths through olive groves and along hillside footpaths, with stunning scenery all the way. This is one of the best local restaurants yet not expensive. Dinner is very reasonable at 30 euros max. We return by taxi.

Day 4, Sunday 14th June. We all visit Lucca or Pisa with those going to the airport. After lunch, we say our goodbyes.

Days 5 – 8 and beyond. If you are here, why not take advantage of the fascinating places to see that you  missed earlier through lack of time? Dinah will give you very reasonable rates. Wednesdays and Sundays are when the markets are open at Fort dei Marmi - so you can adjust your plans accordingly. Let David know if you want to arrive earlier or stay on.

Things to do locally...

Here’s Dinah’s description of the local delights:

CARRARA in northern Tuscany, is famous for the white marble quarried there since Roman times (all Michelangelo’s sculptures were made with white statuary marble from quarries in the Carrara mountains).

There’s a marble quarry inside a mountain to visit, a jeep ride up the mountain to view the quarries. It is an extraordinary and unique part of Tuscany. After the quarries, it is good to visit the old town of Carrara, still unspoilt and remaining how it has been for years. No shopping malls here! An excellent fish restaurant for lunch, frequented by locals.

LUCCA is a beautifully protected walled medieval town just 40 minutes from Peralta. The famous walls date back to 16th century and one of the fun things to do is rent bikes and cycle around the walls, dipping down into the town from time to time. Lucca is a jewel and has not been spoilt in any way - well worth a visit.

PORTO VENERE is a fishing village at the very end of the peninsular of the famous Cinque Terre villages. There’s a lovely little church perched on a rock at the end of Porto Venere, guarding the entrance to the Bay and where people would pray for the safe return of their fishermen. All very attractive . Just below are the rocks where Lord Byron would swim every day. It is easy to visit Porto Venere (one and half hours from Peralta) and then take a very swish Riva wooden motorboat across to the island of Palmaria and a good restaurant ‘Locanda Lorena’, which looks out onto Porto Venere. The location is stunning, and you can eat for a reasonable price depending what you choose on the menu. Delicious local white wine, slightly fizzy.

PIETRASANTA is a charming town with a beautiful main square right in the middle of the four pedestrian streets that run the length of the town. It was originally the home of many marble carving studios, but which have now all been moved out of the town due to noise and dust. There are many bronze casting foundries nearby and Pietrasanta is often called the ‘sculpture capital of the world’. The foundries are famous for their casting techniques and sculptors come from all over the globe to have their work cast here. The town itself has many public sculptures, a disused church and its cloisters showing exhibitions and also galleries. There are also lots of shops with clothes, shoes and etc. An aperitivo in the main square is a ‘must’ and there are lots of restaurants. My favourite to take people is ‘Lo Studio’, but it's not the only option.

CAMAIORE is a very unspoilt market town with a pedestrian main street and a market every Friday. Very few tourists. It is possible to walk down from Peralta, about 45 minutes and then take a taxi back - or someone who doesn’t want to walk takes a car!!

TORCIGLIANO is a little village in the hills at the end of a road. Other than the houses, there is a church and then everyone’s favourite restaurant, Il Matterello. Excellent typical Tuscan food owned by a family (she does the cooking and he takes care of the tables). A lovely one hour walk from Peralta around the contours of the hills. The walk home makes one feel less guilty about the large amount of food consumed. Or it is possible to return in a taxi.