The Art of the No Deal - Talk by Barnabas Reynolds upstairs at the Prince Albert, Battersea. 10th January 2019.

Throughout last year, Revellers had been commenting on the paucity of detail about a "No Deal" Brexit, other than vivid media stories of calamity. So 30 or so Revellers gathered for a talk by leading City Lawyer, Barnabas Reynolds. He explained why a "No Deal" Brexit would actually be, notwithstanding a Far Left government, a considerable opportunity.  This wasn't a debate, but a chance to hear an alternative view by the author of the Politeia published Art of the No Deal. Much of what Barney was saying distilled down to the UK's  pragmatic Common Law being better suited to business regulation than the EU's rules based Civil Law.  (The latter requiring "regulators in libraries" second guessing scenarios to regulate in many years to come.) Of course, drinks before and dinner afterwards ensured jollity and wit throughout, per all Revellers' Club events.

New Year's Day Recovery Lunch, at the Chelsea Pig, 1st January 2019

After some heavy celebrations a few hours before, 40 Revellers met at the Chelsea Pig for drinks followed by a long lunch. For some that went well into the evening (as you can see from adjacent pic)... Starting 2019 as we wish it to continue...

Autumn Country Weekend of Shopping, Shooting and Long Walks, November 2018

Revellers enjoyed a weekend of shooting (clays), shopping in the delightful boutiques of Stockbridge and walking for 2 hours on Sunday morning along the River Test, up and down dale, to a fabulous Sunday lunch at a country pub, the Tally Ho, in nearby Broughton. Some us just lazed around reading the Sunday papers, putting the world to rights. But it all made for a fun and jolly lunch.

Halloween Soiree 2018 - in a Dickensian House in Pimlico...

Revellers recounted spooky tails as the ghosts and ghouls circulated amongst guests. Champagne cocktails were slurped down like blood from a maiden, accompanied with Deviled Eggs and some other evil delights... Old friends from the past met others from the future and then suddenly everyone vanished. It was of course rather late.

Long Weekend at Peralta, Tuscany, 17 - 20 May 2018

Despite high hopes of being culture vultures, taking in Florence, Sienna and the Cinque Terre, we mostly stayed at Peralta. It was so utterly relaxing, beautiful and with such wonderful birdsong. It wasn't just the breathtaking views; you could also feast your eyes on Fiore's de Henrique's busts - of President John F Kennedy and August John, amongst other very august subjects. But we weren't just eye-feasting. We walked energetically up steep hills and down scary ravines,  through stunning scenery to rustic restaurants where the pasta was to die for. Generally, we spent hours laughing, swimming and joining lively debates and discussions, thanks largely to the presence of a Cambridge educated historian, an ex-diplomat to the EU and some very interesting rather entrepreneurial others.  And yes, we did venture to the exotic seaside resort Marina di Pietrasanta and took in the delights of Lucca for a most of a day, on the way back to the airport.

We will be returning from May 16 - 19th 2019 (provisional dates), so contact David Bradley if you'd like to join.

Film Night: Darkest Hour

Date: Friday 12th January 2018

Time: 7.30pm drinks, supper and film

Place: Coopers Arms, Flood St, then Curzon Kings Road.

Details: Enjoy drinks, a fine buffet supper, then a highly acclaimed film on the night of its release, in the splendid company of Revellers.

Bitcoin & Digital Token Talk

Date: 29th November 2017

Time/Place: 7-9pm

Details: Crytpocurrencies (including Bitcoin), Blockchain and token sales (Inital Coin Offerings) explained. How capitalism will probably change - for the better. Talk by leading crypo-expert, Adam Cleary.

Competitive Autumn Scrabble

Date: 25th October 2017

Time/Place: 7pm

Details: Our most experienced and skilled player was beaten by the speed and wordy cunning of India Halstead. Eighteen of us joined together for an evening of fun, frolics and racing for the Scrabble Dictionary.

007 Backgammon

Date: 11th October 2017

Time/Place: 7pm

Details: Competitive, fast-paced and a laugh...A tense, taught and amusing evening of competition. Revellers' dressed up in their Black Tie or dark roll necks and played for high stakes - a bottle of Champagne

Brexit Debate

Date: 31st May 2017

Time/Place: 7pm

Details: Should Britain Unilaterally Leave the Single Market and Customs Union? ohn Longworth argued that Britain should leave the EU without paying a penny,  adopting unilateral free trade with the rest of the World - except the EU if it chooses to behave aggressively. Peter Wilding argued that Britain would be mad cutting its ties with the Single Market, advocating staying in the EEA. Revellers voted. It was tight. But John won.

Valentine's Cocktail Massacre at a Secret Location...

Date: 14th February 2017

Time/Place: 7pm

Details: Al Capone requested the pleasure of Revellers at his new Speakeasy (at a secret location in Chelsea that happened to be Barts), to Massacre some Gorgeous Cocktails... Capone got old Luigi behind the bar to make “any damned cocktail you like. Hard or soft. I’m not judgemental. But it'll best fine damn cocktail you've ever tasted.”It was sure as heck one helluva an evening..

Halloween at Chelsea Cellars

Date: 31st October 2017

Time/Place: 6pm

Details: Halloween in the dark scary (but gastronomic) Chelsea Cellar in Park Walk... Revellers enjoyed Eyeball Caprices (Mozzarella and Tomato) * Vampire Virgin Blood Delight (Pumpkin and Beetroot Soup) * Batshit and Prawn Delight (Black Risotto) * a Dressed Wound (Ribeye Steak) * Dirt and Headstone (Brownie Ice Cream Jelly and Biscuit. There was much blood and gore as some dressed up as if they'd just walked out of a 70 mph car crash on the Fulham Road. But we danced away any blues and cobwebs at the evening's end.

Book Talk: 2017 War with Russia

Date: 25th July 2016

Time/Place: 1pm

Details: General Sir Richard Shirreff, Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe and Britain's most senior officer from 2011 - 2014, discussed his latest novel, inspired by his unique insights regarding Russia's military adventures and build up in Eastern Europe. Thankfully, so far, his findings haven't prevailed.. Fascinating talk followed by drinks and dinner with the General.

Independence Day Party

Date: 4th July 2016

Time/Place: 7pm

Details: Revellers" Club hosted a dinner party for amusing and fun US citizens in London, and some of their British and French friends.