Music Picnic at Adrian Goldsmith's

Sunday 17th August, 1pm

A long lazy afternoon picnic, in a beautiful, country house garden in London

Champagne on Arrival

<< Some of the most amazing, delicious culinary extravagances to ever leave a picnic hamper >>

Wicker basket hampers, rugs, gazebos and piano.

Rain? The party continues inside Adrian's fabulous county-house-in-London.

<<< Scotch Eggs to Die For>>

Champagne and soft drinks provided until 2pm. Bring what you want to drink thereafter.

Price includes culinary picnic lunch and champagne.

Early Bird £XX before 10th August. Late Bookers £XX.

Why meet Adrian?

I've known Adrian for about 15 years. He's a good friend and an extraordinary guy.
He's kind, charming and, so the girls tell me, handsome in a Commander of the Ship sort of way. But not many, certainly not Ship Commanders, respond to events, aged 50, as Adrian did.
At that tender age, Adrian was told he had advanced Prostrate Cancer. (On holiday that year, he looked thin, like death.)
But Adrian's tough, a fighter. He underwent treatment - and recovered when most would have succumbed.
Quickly, he regained his strength. And what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
Adrian, learned how to ride. He then learned polo (as you do),  later even setting up his own polo team. He organised tournaments and matches to raise money for cancer charities.
Not satisfied, he then learns the piano - and decides to write his own piano concertos, organising concerts, in which he plays, again to raise money to fight cancer. Alpha guy or what.
You can actually meet - and listen to - Adrian. He's hosting with Revellers' Club a picnic at his beautiful garden in one of the streets with Clapham's largest houses, on Sunday 17th August. It's not like a London house - more of a country house in London.
Anyway, Adrian's God Daughter, Sophie Richardson, set up Pique Hampers. I tried them at Adrian's house recently. They are absolutely delicious.
So we were thinking: why not have a Revellers picnic - in Adrian's garden - with Adrian showing off his amazing musical prowess.
Adrian agreed. So Sophie's team will lay out their delicious hampers, along with rugs and gazebos.
And we'll eat, drink and listen to some amazing music by Adrian, enjoying a long, lazy Sunday afternoon.

Adrian in concert...

Listen to beautiful music he's written...

Andrew Lloyd Webber has a rival...