Invite Revellers you've never have met to your party, game or trip.. without worrying if they'll fit in.

Whether you're looking for a rather distinguished spare man to take to the Opera with clients in place of an ill husband, an advanced tennis player to make up a doubles 4 after a last minute drop out, or quite simply you just want to get an amusing gang together for Sunday lunch, then Revellers' Club can help you.

As Revellers' Club is essentially a friends of friends social club, you should feel assured that fellow Revellers you haven’t met can fit into a social situation as easily as ones you have.

So that's why we're testing a new service, "spare revellers". This matches up Revellers' Club Members needing someone suitable for a social occasion with others that'd be delighted for an invitation from someone they haven't necessarily met - even at the last minute.

So, if you ever need a spare someone to turn up on time, suitably attired and well behaved, just complete a short form detailing what you have in mind.

Next, we send that information to Revellers we believe would be appropriate. Those interested can then email you their acceptance (with a message), with a link to their social media or other profiles. You select your desired guest(s), with whom you communicate directly.

And those that you don’t select can go off and have a jolly party elsewhere (which we duly arrange).