in and around Stockbridge, Hampshire....

Unique, independent boutiques | Shooting clays  |

Wit and amusements at dinner | Autumn Country Walk | Long and lazy pub lunch.

Date: Weekend of 24th and 25th November 2018

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You have a choice. They could not be so different.

Either you fire off 50 clays at nearby Spitfire Shoot, or you drink champagne at Cleverly Wrapped whilst doing a bit of early Christmas shopping. 

You get a 10% discount off the 50 clay deal and you get, in addition to your champagne, you get 10% off anything you buy at Cleverly Wrapped.

Cleverly Wrapped is independent boutique with beautiful things that for boys and girls alike. Spitfire Shoot is one of the only purpose-landscaped shoots in the South of England. Tough call. But either way, you should be able to squeeze in other boutiques in Stockbridge, not to mention participating in a Swedish Whiskey tasting at The Little Whiskey Shop - also offering a 5% discount. 

Discover Stockbridge's unique independent boutiques.

Revellers' Club has arranged for you to sip complimentary champagne while you decide what beautiful presents to buy this Christmas - for others AND you of course. Churlish not to, as Revellers' Club has also negotiated special discounts just for you.

Or if you prefer, you can either a) taste Swedish Whiskey all afternoon (discounted for you). or b) shoot at Spitfire Shoot, 5 minutes drive up the road. 

Dinner that evening will be at the Three Cups.

You can stay in Stockbridge, or close by. Heaps of taxis can be arranged to ferry you to and from dinner and where you stay.


We'll set off from Stockbridge and walk for about 2 hours, arriving in Broughton feeling very pleased with ourselves. We would have passed  along the River Test, down the eerily quiet test way, then into rolling hills. You'll breath in the the crisp air as the leaves fall, with the smell of wood burning and in the distance. Your nose will be nipped by the chill, but you'll be all warm and cosy, wrapped up in that soft pashmina you bought yesterday, thank God, under the benign influence of bubbles. 

But it could rain. So bring wellies. 


After our long and hearty walk, we arrive at the Tally Ho Pub, in Broughton...

This is no ordinary country pub. It's chef- owner, Ryan Lamb, came second in the National Parliamentary Pub Chef of The Year contest at the beginning of this year. You will understand why when you try the cheese Soufflés..

The menu: -

Starter - The Fox Cheese Soufflé

Main - Choice of : Free Range Roast Chicken Breast, Locally Reared Lamb or Beef served with Roast Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables, Yorkshire Pudding and Gravy

£18 per head

add selection of mini desserts



We'll be dining at the Three Cups in Stockbridge, Hants. Expect to pay £30 - £40 per head.


By car. Those that don't have a car can get a lift with someone that does. Email, saying if you have a car or want a lift. (Trains are unreliable at weekends with strikes and engineering works.)


You want to be in (or as near as you can to) Stockbridge, Hampshire.

Try these: -

Three Cups Inn (where we'll be having dinner on Saturday evening.) 01264 810 527

Grosvenor Hotel (The main hotel - 4 minutes walk away.) 01264 810 606.

York Lodge B&B, Nether Wallop. (Owned by David Bradley's mother, Fiona. 10 minutes drive away.) 01264 781 313.

Otherwise try Air B&B and


Every one pays directly for their hotel, dinner and lunch (and clays if that's what you are doing).

In return for organizing the walk, shooting, discounts and champagne, Revellers' Club charges a £20 admin fee per person. If there are 10 or more of us, after each meal the event  organiser's (David Bradley on this occasion) share of the bill is split between the rest.

You have until midnight Sunday 11th November to get a refund on the £20 admin fee if you are unable to find anywhere suitable to stay (or can't sort out transportation). 



Cleverly Wrapped -

Spitfire Shoot -

The Little Whiskey Shop -

The Three Cups (where we're having dinner)

The White Hart - (where we are meeting on Saturday)

The Tally Ho, Broughton - where we'll be having lunch on Sunday -

George Clark (Shop's more exciting than the site)

La Bella Donna -

There are more...