Toby Young's Talk

Come and meet the Spectator's Associate Editor, author of the hilarious How to Lose Friends and Alienate People and founder of free schools.

He is launching the Free Speech Union. This aims to help those persecuted by the self righteous and sanctimonious for inadvertent causing offence - when no offence should have been taken anyway.

Tickets are £25 before 2 March and £30 thereafter. Address: Prince Albert Pub, 85 Albert Bridge Road, London SW11. Time: 7pm. Talk starts 7.30 sharp. It ends at 8.15  pm, when there are drinks and mingling. 

Thruxton Track Day Weekend.

A chance to combine the excitement of the race track, an amusing dinner and a relaxing country weekend replete with a long walk and traditional pub Sunday lunch.

When: 4/5 April 2020.

Where: Thruxton Hamphire, then Stockbridge.

Cost: from £295 (if you book fast) to include racing, comfortable hotel and breakfast on Sunday.


Public speaking and presence coaching by Stewart Pearce, the very voice coach that trained Margaret Thatcher, Princess Diana and a slew of business and world leaders.  

Over a weekend, you can acquire the basic techniques to speak with the power, presence and confidence of Margaret Thatcher, Simon Callow, Princess Diana and a slew of business and world leaders. How so? Your coach, Stewart Pearce was the very voice coach that trained them. 

When: 25/26 April 2020.

Where: 1 Park Crescent, London W1B 1SH.

Cost: from £497.