Creating Business Opportunities through Introductions.

I'm David Bradley. Discretely, I bring people looking to buy assets together with those that want to dispose of them. My connections come from 25 years in telecoms, IT and my interest in politics. I own the social networking events business, Revellers' Club, and the Next Big Thing Show podcast (which I also host). Over the last 25 years, I have generated many millions of pounds worth of business transactions and value through introductions and managing business relationships. That includes co-founding start up Keydata (which 3i valued at £25m valuation after 3 years) and negotiating and overseeing a multi-million-pound M2M customer relationship for Wireless Logic, one of the UK’s fastest profit-growing companies (according to the Sunday Times).

If you are interested in engaging with me, call on +44 207 887 2285 or click the button below to leave a message.

Revellers' Club Unilateral Free Trade Debate, June 2017: Peter Wilding (who first coined term "Brexit") , Lord Monson (Chair), John Longworth (Co Chairman Leaves Means Leave), David Bradley (Revellers' Club Founder)



You sign my engagement and confidentiality agreements. These reflect the fees and terms.


We both, along with specialist colleagues that maybe required, discuss your business, goals and why specifically the other party should be motivated by your proposal.


I assess from my own contacts who might engage with you. I will also arrange for research to identify other prospective business opportunities, or people with whom you might engage.


I organise the most effective approach. This could be wide ranging. Perhaps a simple email and follow up call. Or maybe my colleagues arrange for you to speak at a dinner or an event where target prospects will be attending. Perhaps it could be the delivery of a “video brochure” of your elevator pitch, or even for you to “bag a ride” in a private jet (or share an Uber cab), where you’ll have a chance to meet and discuss your proposal with your audience.


Each month we assess progress against milestones, to ensure you hold any colleagues with whom I work and me fully accountable. If we meet our pre-agreed milestones, fees are paid. If not, adjustments to the plan and approach method are made and we re-asses a month later.

Revellers' Club

Revellers' Club is for people who are too busy with their business affairs to arrange their social lives and amusements. Political debates, long weekends in Italy and track-day weekends are typical activities. As well as new social connections, members have started some worthwhile business relationships. 

Revellers' Club members beginning to forge their Brexit opinions - but always in the best humour.

Podcast interviews.

David Bradley interviews Gawain Towler, PR adviser to Nigel Farage. He,spills the beans on getting publicity, managing it and stopping it in a crisis. Vital listening if you want to become the Next Big Thing in your market.

David Bradley interviews Stewart Pearce, voice coach to Margaret Thatcher,  Princess Diana and a host of business leaders and Hollywood actors. (Anita Roddick, Mark Rylance  are examples.)