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Listing on Business Deals Page

Unlimited inbound inquiries

5 Outbound Messages




Business t/o < £1m
£2,500One off then £200 / month.
  • You get a beefed up profile page and an interview, so you make more impact on those that check you out.
  • Proactive promotion of an offer each month.

Everything in FREE,

Plus: -

Photo insertion on Listing Page.

Profile Page

50 outbound enquiries/month

Profile Page

Video Interview

50% off all fees


Businesses £1m - £10m
£3,000One Time, then £300/month
  • You get a personal concierge service. So if you want to make contact with any particular member, David Bradley will personally approach that person on your behalf. You get 2 approaches a month.
  • Direct approaches by David Bradley and his team on your behalf

Everything in £2,500

Plus: -

100 outbound enquiries

75% off all fees.

Podcast interview option

Direct access to David Bradley

Direct approaches are made on your behalf by David Bradley and his team.

Distribution access to retailers in the US, UK and Europe.

Business Planning and Execution assistance for startups.

Price Tariff

Additional 500 characters listing - £10

Profile Page - £100

Video Interview (15 minutes) - £100

Personal Introduction Standard - £400

Personal Introduction Silver - £1,000

Personal Introduction Gold - £5,000

Personal Introduction Platinum -  £20,000

Any questions, email David Bradley at,

or call 0207 439 1234.