Business Deals is a service that brings buyers, sellers and those seeking business advice together. You can list what you are offering or seeking for others to peruse, so they can get in touch. You can also ask David Bradley to make the right connections on your behalf with your listing – or without a listing if discretion is needed.
You pay a flat £50 ONLY if  you are selling something.  (No transaction fees - being reviewed after 31st August.)
An email goes out once a week or whenever there's a new listing to Revellers' Club members. (Except those that opt out of "Business Deals".)

Step By Step Process

  • 1

    Send in your listing.

    Click the link below and complete the form. (For the headline, use a max of 50 characters. The body use 250 characters max, excluding contact details.) Say who you are, what you're offering, seeking or are asking. If you need more space, you can take out a details page to include 500 words photos and video.

  • 2

    Check your listing.

    You will receive an email with a link to your listing. If you don't like what's presented, send in a change. (Changes, unless caused by our error, cost a £10 admin fee whether you are selling or not.)

  • 3

    Pay £50 if you are selling something.

    If you are selling something, and are happy with your listing, you pay Revellers' Club a flat £50 admin fee. (A payment link will be emailed to you.) Your listing remains for 1 month or for a week after you make a sale, whatever comes sooner. Commission Terms apply.

  • 4

    Refer more listing Revellers.

    If you refer a new lister, you BOTH get £50 seller's credit.

You have an option to ask for more help with making contacts.

From £100 - all listing types.

Any questions, email David Bradley at,

or call 0207 439 1234.