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20 Minute Podcast Recording and Promotion on selected Podcasts.

Business: Next Big Thing Enterprises
What is it: Becoming well know and establishing your authority by being interviewed on various podcasts. Pre-interview coaching, practice  and demo interview included. David Bradley will arrange interviews with various podcasts around the World, taking away the research, organisation and work needed, You just show up.
Benefits: An excellent way to establish your authority and trust is to share your insights to a large, relevant audience. CLICK HERE IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN KNOWING MORE.

Scientifically Proven Covid-19 Killing Face Covering without the inconvenience of a face covering.

Member: Marc Moore Smith.
What: A face covering snood that traps and kills airborne viruses, including Coranavirus. It wraps 360 degrees around your head, covering vulnerable viral touch points: nose, mouth and ears.
Why: To both be safe and feel more protected than alternative face coverings. Plus its convenient and looks good in a racing-driver after the race kind of way.
Special offer: Buy one and get one free. Huge discounts for volume. RRP £20.
Click here to discover more and to arrange a Zoom or physical meeting with Marc.

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or call 0207 439 1234.